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Square Truss (ST)

Strong, versatile, lightweight

Square Truss – Stronger than triangular truss, ST offers a realistic load capability in clear spans of up to 12 metres. Of special appeal to hire companies is the square format eliminating the problem of apex orientation, and the innovative “6-way “cube” removes the need to stock a multitude of junction options. If the full truss junction appearance is required, then of course these are also available.

Typical applications for ST include lighting grids, stage lighting support systems, and exhibition stands, where the combination of strength, clear span and stock versatility is optimised. To create more elaborate structures, we can design and manufacture an infinite variety of custom junctions and adaptors.


Custom angles / dimensions / shapes routinely available on request Powder - coating (variety of colours) and polished finish available on application.


Special lengths are routinely available - priced as the next standard size up. In general, it is better to design your system from as few separate sections as possible - both from a cost point of view as well as for strength, and ease of construction. Powder - coating (variety of colours) and polished finish available on application.

About Metalworx Ltd

Metalworx Ltd was formed in 2001, the result of a management buyout of the Lighting and Trussing division of Penn Fabrication Ltd (now Penn Elcom). This allowed the new owners to focus time and resources on the development of the structural product ranges, leaving Penn to concentrate fully on its core hardware business. The company is based in St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, UK.