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Structural Solutions in Aluminium

From design to full system solutions

Suspended Aluminium Rig for lighting, Drapes & Stages


A simple means of getting lighting, drapes and other appliances over a performance area, without upright supports blocking sightlines and causing other obstructions. Can be static, or raised/lowered, depending on requirements for access for ongoing maintenance, adjustment, etc. Commonly used in theatres and auditoriums.

Aluminium Ground Support Structures for Theatres, Exhibition Stands, Schools & Displays

Ground Support

A simple means of getting lighting, signage, and other requirements over the performance area, when suspension facilities are not available, or prohibitively expensive. These types of systems are used in theatres, exhibition stands, schools, and other display areas.

Aluminium Goalpost Structures for Signage, Banners & Stage Backdrops


Required where support is only required from one beam: for example, a stage backdrop, banners, start/finish lines. Generally used for signage where the load is not too significant.

Temporary Aluminium Outdoor Structures for Stages


Temporary outdoor structures to cover performance areas such as stages. Protects the performance area from the elements, and provides support for equipment such as lighting, graphics, sound equipment.

Aluminium Exhibition Stand Manufacturers

Exhibition stands

Providing neat attractive definition to a temporary display area: for example exhibition stands, retail / showroom display. Easy to assemble/disassemble, proving lightweight means of support.

Aluminium Shaped Trussing Manufacturers


Variety of 2-D shapes available, giving interest to the supporting method. Can also be incorporated into the other standard systems, e.g. suspended, ground support, etc

Custom Aluminium Truss Manufacturers UK


For many years we have been producing DJ consoles and accessories, establishing basic standard shapes, but also introducing custom elements such as logos, accent lighting, and more elaborate graphic designs.

Custom Aluminium Truss Structures & Manufacturers UK


We are well established as the “go-to” solution provider for aluminium structures. Whether it is an eye-catching exhibition structure, or stage / nightclub feature, we work with the best in the industry to realise many weird and wonderful shapes and functions.

Aluminium Trussing Custom


We are continually producing new products, solutions, modifications. Your idea may start in our “Custom” section, pass through this “New” section, and become one of the above Standard systems or products. Give us your ideas !

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Types of Trussing

These are the basic range of truss series available, depending on the space available, load capability requirements, and budget.

Further to these, we often make variations on these to suit certain custom applications – for example square tube truss*, our LED inset “Alumin8” tubing*, etc

About Metalworx Ltd

Metalworx Ltd was formed in 2001, the result of a management buyout of the Lighting and Trussing division of Penn Fabrication Ltd (now Penn Elcom). This allowed the new owners to focus time and resources on the development of the structural product ranges, leaving Penn to concentrate fully on its core hardware business. The company is based in St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, UK.